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Sponsors & Mentors

Team #12977 and Team #14523

If your business, association, or group wishes to sponsor our team, the chart below will tell you the benefits we provide to our sponsors based on the size of their sponsorship.
We greatly appreciate all your contributions!

Sponsor Benefits

Kilobyte Sponsor ($50-$99)

  • Receive a VIP invitation to all team events

  • Receive a Thank-You letter

  • Get constant updates from our team about our progress

Megabyte Sponsor($100-$499 or Mentor)

  • All Kilobyte Sponsor benefits

  • Company or organization name will be posted on team website

Gigabyte Sponsor($500-$749 and Mentor)

  • All Megabyte Sponsor benefits

  • Name/Logo on robot

  • Logo on Banner

Terabyte Sponsor($750+ and Mentor)

  • All Gigabyte Sponsor benefits

  • Logo on Banner

  • a link to company webpage on team website

  • Receive Team Merchendise

Terabyte Sponsor

Adyar Ananda Bhavan 

Plano Independent School District

Texas Instruments 

Gigabyte Sponsor

Raytheon Technologies


J.P. Morgan

Megabyte Sponsor

Texas Workforce Commission

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

Kilobyte Sponsor

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